Friday, May 30, 2008

They make everything special

In an increasingly competitive world, it's refreshing to witness true sport. Sport without attitude or ego, but rather, sport done just for the pure joy of it. The Special Olympics are in town through Saturday, and yesterday my partner and I did a three hour medical standby at the track where races were being run.

I had never witnessed the exciting finish of a 50 meter, coach-assisted walk. It made me smile! The woman with the walker actually finished third! High fives and jubilant hollers punctuated every crossing of the finish line.

The bicycle races were very high speed; with a few competitors lifting their three-wheeled bikes onto just two wheels while accelerating through the corners. Most racers pedaled madly, intensely bent over their handlebars, only a few ear-to-ear grins belied everyone's competitive spirit.

As I lay trackside in the shade, watching the day unfold race by meaningful race, I reflected upon my life and upon my own six children and their children. I became overwhelmed by these people and their loved ones who will spend a lifetime celebrating small, but meaningful victories every day.

They choose to make everything special.